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Can Mallya Really Be Extradited Back To India?

Indian government’s efforts to deport Mallya enters a significant stage on Tuesday, as the two sides show last entries in the long-running removal case. The case was at first set to proceed in mid-July, however, was additionally deferred, after a hearing in late April.  A ruling is expected later this year, however, this will be appealable. The hearing is set to commence at 2.30 pm IST.

A CPS spokesperson said: “The next hearing is on July 31. On that day the Senior District Judge will hear final submissions. Judgment will be reserved until a future date (to be arranged)”.

A month ago, after a  prolonged period of silence, Mallya had issued a lengthy media statement, marking the CBI and Enforcement Directorate (ED) charges against him as “untenable and blatantly false”. “I have become the ‘Poster Boy’ of bank default and a lightning rod of public anger,” Mallya said. He also took to social media to clarify that he made the statement “after a long period of silence” because he had filed an application before the Karnataka High Court on June 22, setting out available assets of approximately Rs 13,900 crores.

The extradition trial, which opened at the London court on December 4 last year, is aimed at laying out a prima facie case of fraud against Mallya, who has been based in the UK since he left India in March 2016. It also seeks to prove there are no “bars to extradition” and that the tycoon is assured a fair trial in India over his now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines’ alleged default of over Rs 9,000 crores in loans from a consortium of Indian banks.

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