Alcobrew announces Investment of Rs 100 Cr in Liquor Industry

Alcobrew Distilleries, the liquor company, plans to invest nearly Rs 100 crore in new manufacturing units and marketing of the brand. The company intends to raise a fund of Rs 65 crores through debt and Rs 35 crore from company reserves.

With an aim to focus on premium and semi-premium whiskey segments, Alcobrew Distilleries has also received a letter of intent from the government of Himachal Pradesh to establish a malt distillation and saturation plant.

Alcobrew has already launched ‘Golfer’s Shot’ in premium whiskey range and ‘White & Blue’ in the semi-premium range. Alcobrew began its business in 2006 by manufacturing and bottling ‘Old Smuggler’ in India, a brand from Gruppo Campari. It has refined its work-class manufacturing and business practices during its international collaboration and thrives to enhance its quality services through its own product range.

Excited with the expansion investment plan, Romesh Pandita, Chairman and MD, Alcobrew Distilleries says, “The investment of INR 100 crores will help us double our business in the coming 2-3 years. We have gained exemplary command over the world-class manufacturing processes during our earlier collaborations, and the widespread recognition of W&B and Golfer’s shot has motivated us to grow bigger. We are also exploring investment and funding opportunities to expand the business and create a high revenue generating organization.”

“From the newly established plants in Himachal Pradesh, we estimate using 70% malt for our own brands because semi-premium and premium whiskey segment have the potential of the fastest growth in the market. We are also trying to scale up our operations as the current market for these two segments offers limited choices for the consumers. We are confident that our entry will give a tough competition in the market and better choices to customers relishing fine whiskeys.” further adds Pandita.

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