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BSE offers more transparency to listed companies on all Listing Applications filed

BSE, Asia’s oldest exchange and now the world’s fastest exchange with the speed of 6 microseconds, is now offering live status of applications filed by listed companies on the exchange’s popular online filing portal, BSE Listing Centre. This move will offer more transparency to the listed companies and enable them to know the status of their filings for all applications with Asia’s largest, fastest and the only listed Stock Exchange.

BSE had introduced the online filing portal long ago while moving to mandatory online filing of all compliances and listing applications. This move will boost the confidence of companies and give them full insight on the stage of processing their application has reached. This confidence-boosting move is proposed to be followed up by a roll out in a phased manner for displaying status of all types of listing-related applications made through the BSE’s popular online filing portal, BSE Listing Centre.

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