Petrol Now at Rs 75.32 in New Delhi

There seems to be no respite as crude oil prices pushed the cost of petrol in the country further higher on Thursday, with the transport fuel being sold at Rs 75.32 per litre in the national capital. With this, the price of petrol in Delhi inched further close to the previous high of Rs 76.06 a litre, reached in September 2013. In the other major cities of Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai also petrol was priced at multi-year highs on Thursday  Rs 78.01, Rs 83.16 and Rs 78.16 per litre, respectively.

Before this the highest that millions of Indians 78.03 (Kolkata, August 2014), Rs 83.62 (Mumbai, September 2013) and Rs 79.55 (Chennai, September 2013) respectively.

Price of diesel In Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai are at Rs 66.79, Rs 69.33, Rs 71.12 and Rs 70.49 per litre, respectively which is going to affect the livelihood of millions of Indians.

The government is still silent as the prices continue to skyrocket.


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