Shailja Dwivedi Murder Case: Major Repeatedly Deceiving The Police

Earlier it was reported:

  • Major Handa, who slit the throat of his fellow Amit Dwivedi’s wife on Saturday and within 24 hours arrested by police.

  • He met her when he and her husband Mr. Dwivedi posted in Nagaland two years back.

  • Over 3500 calls had been exchanged between them in 6 months.

  • Major Handa proposed her, after her refusal he killed her.


Indian Army officer Nikhil Handa, who had been arrested for killing his colleague’s wife Shailaja Dwivedi on Sunday is continuously deceiving the police.

“The accused, Handa, is giving us misleading information day after day. We have done 90 percent of the work and in the coming days the truth will come out,” said Vijay Kumar, DCP West Delhi.

The weapon that we have in our custody is not the weapon with, which Shailaja was killed,” he added.

The woman he allegedly called and informed about the murder is his close confidante, he met her on a dating site police said. “He is most attached to this woman. But when he told her about killing Shailja Dwivedi, she thought he was bluffing and disconnected the phone call. She did not feel the need to alert the police,” said the officer.

He also called his younger sibling and disclosed to him that it was “an accident “. The sibling was with Major Handa for some time until the point that he was dropped off at the Akshardham temple in east Delhi.

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