Smiggles Organises Dental Health Awareness Workshop

Dental Health Awareness Workshop was conducted by Smiggles on 26th January in collaboration with Global Health Xpertz for kids with 3 to 8 years of age group where Pooja Sharma – founder of Smiggles, did an interactive story session to tell kids about healthy and not so healthy foods. Proper brushing technique session and dental screening of children were done by Dr Kanika who is a renowned dentist and cosmetologist.

Children met tooth fairy, enjoyed yummy snacks and lots of other fun activities.

In the end, children were delighted to get a goody bag by the tooth fairy, which had age appropriate tooth paste and tooth brush by Colgate.

At Smiggles, they conduct workshops for children like age appropriate story sessions, festival events, hands on science experiments, art and craft activities and academic topics to make learning fun and enjoyable.

The events organized by SMIGGLES are always celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. These celebrations bring children closer to our rich culture and traditions. India being a diverse country  Children need to know about each festival and through the events children get to know about the rich cultural heritage and religious beliefs of our motherland. We conduct different events in the schools too. We plan the sessions keeping the age group and different learning techniques in mind so that all the children get benefitted with the session.

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